Ink In Tubes!!!


If you are a small shop like me, or just prefer to buy inks in smaller quantities, I highly recommend Ink In Tubes....especially for oil inks, the sealable tubes equal less waste and less ink drying out. Dave Robison at Ink In Tubes has a slick operation selling oil and rubber inks in 1/4 pound tubes. He offers pre-mixed colors, all the Pantone staples you like to mix with, metallics and fluorescents.  Contact Dave for more info:   See the Ink In Tubes ink list/order form here.

N.A. Graphics Visit

Just returned from a 3 day trip to visit Fritz Klinke at NA Graphics in Silverton, Colorado. Fritz is a living encyclopedia of all things print and press and his company is one of the last remaining bastions of letterpress supplies and support.

Fritz took several hours out of his day to show us his shop, his store, his supply of press parts, his cats, his incredible collections of typefaces, his file cabinets of the last remaining Vandercook blueprints, the many original files from the American Type Founders that he acquired when they closed and the shop at his home that is still under construction and houses several incredible specimens including one of the last remaining, functioning Linotype machines.

In addition to being an accomplished pressman and advocate for the analog before analog was even cool, he is also a historical restoration king--he is responsible for returning many buildings in Telluride, Silverton and locales around Colorado back to their original glory. Truly a living-legend. Erica and I wanted to adopt him and take him home.