Linocut reduction

I printed up a new poster for the Printed Matter show this past weekend.  I chose a linocut reduction even though the design didn't necessarily highlight the advantages of a reduction cut process.  Here is the print, step by step:

1st phase of cutting to remove all that will be white on the final print.

Print of phase 1

(Did not photograph Phase 2 - light blue sky background, arms and float straps)

Phase 3 cut and ink of all that will remain printed in medium blue.   what remains un-inked will next be printed over with black so i chose to leave it un-inked in this phase. 

Print of Phase 3

Carving of Phase 4 - leaving all that will remain printed in black

Phase 4 inking - i placed paper over parts of the plate that were hitting the paper that i did not want to be printed--this photo was taken after a print was pulled showing that ink from the previous layer (med. blue) rubbed off onto the plate area.  i would switch out the paper for each print to keep all clean.

Phase 4 printed.  Final.